Brokerage Services

The Bernard Herold & Co., Inc. client service team is led by Larry Herold, President of BH & Co. and Branch Manager of the Manhattan office. Larry began his career in 1979 and has built BH & Co. into a strong regional independent financial service firm servicing both retail and institutional clients.

Today BH & Co. has customer assets of about $1 Billon. With a strategic objective of growing the business through client service, Larry and Mario J. Giammarco, Vice President and Staten Island office branch manager, have assembled a great team of Investment Advisors and Asset Managers to assist the clients of BH & Co.

BH & Co.’s 25 investment advisors enable us to make an exceptional investment in your success. In the unlikely event you feel your needs are not being met by your advisor, Larry and Mario are always available to speak with you.

Client Service is very important to us and we strive to deliver it every day. We look forward to serving you, your company, or your family and providing an exceptional level of service.

Securities Products

  • Equities – We offer listed and over‐the‐counter (OTC) executions through our relationships with large trading firms.
  • Foreign Equities – We offer non‐U.S. dollar execution capabilities in more than 60 markets, with settlement in local or U.S. currency.
  • Foreign Exchange – We offer foreign exchange transactions in all major currencies.
  • Options – We offer options executions, which focus on adding value to large or complex orders – such as spreads and straddles.
  • Fixed Income – We offer a broad spectrum of fixed income investments including new issues and structured products (governments, agencies, municipals, investment‐grade and high‐yield corporate bonds, preferred stock, unit investment trusts, numerous money market products, brokered CDs, commercial paper).
  • Mutual Funds – We offer access to thousands of funds from more than 100 fund families.
  • ETFs – We offer access to all exchange traded ETFs.
  • Annuities – We offer new annuity purchases, subsequent purchases and 1035 exchanges and qualified transfers.
  • Education Savings – We offer 529 College Savings Plans and Coverdell education savings accounts. These plans offer our clients the option of saving and investing for college on a tax‐advantaged basis. These accounts can be used for the education and tuition expenses of a designated beneficiary. Contributions may be deductible on your state tax returns while qualifying distributions are tax-free.
Bernard Herold & Co., Inc.

Bernard Herold & Co., Inc.